Blinded by the illusion of infinite splendour. 
In our artistic work we want to represent the energies invisible to the eye. We take simple objects and subject matter in their raw form and want to capture their uniqueness in movement. We are looking to show how all particles become transformed from physical reality into a new form that is capsuled by the magic of photography. This permits the viewer to make a tangible connection and interlink between oneself and all materials, living or dead. The abstraction through the movement that we are capturing we find to being a powerful way to represent that nothing is constant and being a bystander in the negative transformation of the planet should no longer be an option for any of us. 
We represent change and the positive impact it may have in an aesthetic way by playing with the abstract and figurative. Contrasting micro and macro photography as well as static and moving. As artists we are not looking to give scientific answers to problems, but a visual stimulation to viewers who hopefully then would want to find scientific and practical answers to the issues of over-linked realities in need for solutions. 
We have been working as a duo for years. With time we appreciate more how special it is to being able to create our photographic and mixed media pieces together. It is also this connection between us as two individuals that we have found important as society is becoming extremely individualistic. This has pushed us to want to work with the human figure trying to open the mind to seeing its vulnerability. Understanding that behind the strong carapace there is creature that is not omnipotent. We believe that in order to survive and thrive we need to work towards a common direction.