The “Foundations” series was born from a reflection on the power of our natural environment. 
The question was initially about the foundations of the world. The image of rock as a base allowing the construction of the universe appeared to me in this questioning. The stone serves as an anchor for life, without it there is no possibility of evolution. 
Brittany is a wonderful example of the diversity of rocks, an ideal region to observe their greatness. Each place is shaped by stone that comes to life with the winds and stormy elements. It precedes us and succeeds us. 
Both a witness of time and a work of the universe, the rocks amaze me in the possibility of playing with the imagination. 
"Foundations" is intended to be a poetic series based on our paradigms. This is how the rock can become alive, animated, sublimated by our senses. As far as I am concerned, it is by turns protective, creative or devouring.