Hélène Hubert

Hélène Hubert


Freelance photographer and author, Hélène Hubert studied Fine Art photography in Maine, USA in the early 1980s at the Art Institute of Boston. This is how the artist discovered Ansel Adams Zone-System and implemented it to her photographic practice and work philosophy. As early as 1998, the photographer fitted her view-camera with digital backs replacing the 4”x5” analogic film holder. Hélène Hubert has been using digital cameras ever since, positioning digital photography as a mirror of all the energies that circulate beyond human vision.
Her skill for highlighting everyday objects has asserted itself over the years: silhouettes, shadows and allusions of presence suggest the existence of parallel worlds where distortion, dreamlike and dual meaning prevail. At the heart of Hélène Hubert's work, the object becomes a subject gifted with a life of its own, permeable to sight. Freed from the constraints of documenting reality, the photographer is caught by the need to freeze impermanence, in all passageways or moments of transition, to experiment and give us the opportunity to see the multiple parallel worlds that we cross.
Her works are already part of art collections in Europe and the United States.

My Blues 2020

Meditation is a journey within my body.
Sometimes my dark zones are enlightened and I get cured.
This is what I am trying to convey here. 

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Widescapes, Mirrors and Vibes

Getting my camera out of the studio challenged my creative exploration to uncover more universal realities invisible to the naked eye where colors, shapes and patterns create delicate soul leverage.

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Mother Nature's Mirror

On the edge of daylight and night 
tells the story of a lost but still live love.
Invisible but present.
My beloved left the place twenty years ago
but he abolishes time.
In the photos, we just miss him,
he just stepped out of the frame,
he filled the place one moment -
but an instant in the face of eternity.
And his presence fills me with joy.
So I dare to push open the door of my home.
Carried by the World’s memory,
I enter the bliss of life. 

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Storybook Mirrors: Architectures

A theatre and performing arts school is the basis of this series.

Like a sponge, I absorb the energy within these unusual and vulnerable architectural spaces.
Architecture mirroring our times and our emotions, our mistakes and our joys; you calm my anxieties. In your fluid, the floating souls flow freely. In your curves, or along your asperities, windows are passageways reminding us that an elsewhere always exists, here and after, day or night. I am here. So is the other. So is elsewhere and hereafter.
Chairs marked by rest.
Time to stage life.

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Magic Venture

Just as I decide to clarify my images with white, snow falls on Paris. 
In the Bois de Boulogne, somewhere above the ring road, I take up this magical challenge. 
Flayed and uprooted trees, the snow heals your wounds. With hushed steps, it restructures the space with a luminous ribbon. Here and there squirrels, bright colours and Japanese reflections spring out from scattered ghostly architectures. The day puts on the colors of a full moon night. A sort of enchantment invades the senses. New realities of an instant, transparency becomes visible, the intangible becomes palpable matter, worlds open up before my eyes.

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